Remdog, the man who never sleeps?

Remi/Rough, Remdog. This is a man who has dual identity, and with each I.D comes a sack of projects. This is a man who seems to have mastered the 25 hour day, lord knows there shouldn’t be enough time in a standard day to fit in all the shiznit he has on his plate.

hot visuals from Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept’s super sexy track ‘Sequence of Loops’ has been given the video treatment. There it is, up there.. you see it?.. course you do.. now click it

A history of 64bar, on seeks

Seeks Music Feature : 64 Bar Challenge by Seeks Music

The guys over at seeksmusic asked our boy Kovas some questions, he answered them and they put it online. Click the picture over the for the scoop
A grab of their site