Coming up soon, the 64bar Orchestra radio show

The music from the producers on the 64bar project will be available to listen to on the very dapper Seeks Music, with the launch of the 64 bar Orchestra radio show, coming in October.

More soon.


The high life at 64bartowers

Have a listen to Kovas talk through the 64 bar music project highlights.

64:6 revealed

This is the sixth and final mix in the 64 bar challenge series.

DJ Food has selected and sliced 28 tracks into a 52 minute mix that draws a neat line under a 28 month project, orchestrated by Kovas and the cats on the Ninja Tune forum.

He said: “”I thought the standard this time was very high although the series has had many highlights. Production on some of the tracks is stunning too and would stand up to any current release.

“ I tried my hardest to mix everything to compliment one another so that the flow seemed natural and only a couple of tracks resisted repeated attempts to fit them in, so rather than shoehorn them felt it benefited the overall mix to leave them out, sorry to those people.

“Certain names and styles keep cropping up in these challenges and I’m pretty sure we’ll hear more and more from them in the future”.

64:6 tracklist confirmed

Here it is…

Mix coming 09 September 2011
Henry Leo duclos – Dust Works
The 13th Tribe – Vida Salva Vida feat Lido Pimienta & El Langui (Voca)
Mumbo Jumbo – Twinkletoes
Techniken Defunkus – Bandsaw
The 13th Tribe – Sociedad No Limit feat MC Safa
KAL – Superghost
The Fifteen Dead Minutes – Lambda
Monkizzle – Hanging to the Left
Bobby Corridor- Bells
Echo Park – All Told
Dowdy – Pitch
Jose Bee – J.O.Y
DJ Moneyshot – Fire and the Fury
The Mexicanbob – In With The Swingers
Olympic Cyclone Band – Way Huge
Gravypaste – 64bar Magic
James Swift – Creeping
Harry Chronic JR – 64 challenger
Algo – Dark Fracture
Day Of Vengeance – Whitewalker
Remdog – Aqualung (instrumental)
Day Of Vengeance – Stugg
Kelp – Broken Broken
Henry Barrett – (for De Stijl Life Projekt)- 1103
Kovas – The Clearing
Becy 10 – Wish You Were Here
The Crane – Aufenthaltserlaubnis
Proof of Concept – How To Ruin Everything
The mix will be available on Postbocks, Mixcloud, Official FM and Percussion Lab. Links will appear here on the 9th

Time to call time on 64 bar challenge mix series

The sixth and final mix in the 64 bar challenge series will be released in early September, with the project drawing to a natural conclusion by way of a return to its roots.

DJ Food has selected and sliced 29 tracks into a 52 minute mix that draws a neat line under a 28 month project.
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