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A history of 64bar, on seeks music.com

Seeks Music Feature : 64 Bar Challenge by Seeks Music

The guys over at seeksmusic asked our boy Kovas some questions, he answered them and they put it online. Click the picture over the for the scoop
A grab of their site

out in the wild

You know, this blog is shameless in the fact we promote the 64 bar mixes. It’s all I ever talk about on here and I’m wondering if its pretty fricken boring. So its nice when other ppl pick up on what’s happening here.

Here’s a few links to blogs that have taken notice of 64bar efforts

The Culture of me

And on Mixed Business

And on this offering from the U.S of A

Is 64bc4 the best mix yet?

A while ago we ran a poll on this site to find out which 64bar challenge was the favourite. The third instalment @88bpm had over 50% per cent of the vote. So, with the fourth mix receiving some mad love, it’s now time to poll again… so….

To make it easy to decide which mix rules the fibreoptics.. here they all are in one post

64:4 lands

Here it is. The hard work of a lot of ppl from all over the internet. All packaged into a 50 minute mix. Bang

click this for the Postbocks page

or the player below to stream

64:4 tracklist confirmed

It took a fair bit of audio manipulation to meld 24 tracks into one coherent package, but lordy DJ Twit and cohort K0va5 have managed to freakin do it. Here, by way of a teaser… is the sequence of tracks

1. Dr Rubberfunk – Lift off 2. Meezoid – 64badcheeses 3. The Dwarves – Free Cocaine (Kranium Ecs Remix) 4. Melonhands – fatfatboomboom 5. KAL – mothbreath 6. Remdog – Minotaur 7. Proof Of Concept – Sequence Of Loops 8. Remdog – Son of Cyclops 9. Monkizzle – Underwater 10. Becy10 – chezzy 11. Kelp – Torn Solarsail 12. Day of Vengence – swarm 13. Remdog – signs 14. AGT rave cru – Billions Dead 15. Erg – Hounds of Hell 16. Secret Producer – Young Urban Monsters 17. DJ Moneyshot – Bass Power 18. The Crane – Tacked On 19. Techniken Defunkus – Diving-without-water 20. Alex Stacey – ping ping coconut 21. Mexican Bob – searchlight 22. Techniken Defunkus – Dance-it-and-signoff 23. James Swift – Green thing 24. Kovas feat Robbie Johnson – Desire

like pg tips

We got flavour flooding in. There’s now a dozen tracks submitted for the fourth 64bc mix. It’s always a mad canter to the line as the deadline approaches. A few will fall, a few will step up. Either way, this promotional blurb is mad exciting. I’m moist writing it. Watch out for the mix landing at Our Price record stores in the coming months.

So far: Smoothness from Monk A madness from Mildred and an absolute smasher from Solid Steel resident Money$hot

That’s just the tip of the iceburg. Hear beats from the Crane Our resident artist Remdog and hear the hidden voices Kovas hears when he sleeps