Tom Central

Tom Central

The beat digga

Tom Central’s myspace profile reads: I am a DJ and producer currently living in London.
My interest in all things musical stretch back to his childhood, playing Drums, Clarinet and Saxophone in various school bands and local groups.

DJing crossed my path at university in Coventry where I became heavily immersed in the Jungle scene. I bought turntables and started to DJ at local venues such as the Golden Cross (classic student boozer). In my graduation year, a was a resident on the often chaotic but hugely followed Infinity FM, a drum n bass and UK Garage station amazingly Coventrys only pirate radio station in 1998.

Moving to London in 1999, my DJ sets began to sway more towards, hiphop, downtempo beats and electronic music as Jungle music began to change (or go shit depending on your standpoint). I became a serial music event starter, launching a series of nights including Clinical Beats and Global TOMination at now defunct legendary London location The Clinic. Guests at these nights included members of Bugz in the attic, Warp DJs, Lex Records DJs. When The Clinic closed down, Global TOMination continued, moving to The Embassy in Islington. In its year and a half residency guests included Buddy Peace, Warp DJs, Lex Records DJs, Dr Rubberfunk, Kid Acne, Cartel Communications, Paul Trouble Arnold and loads more. When the Embassy changed hands, Global TOMination ground to a halt.

After DJing for Lex Records at Plastic People, The Premises, The Scala and The Camden Centre, I founded Keep Up! with a collective of like-minded music lovers. Myself and Hospital Records’ Zac Vibert began to DJ at the Canalside Bar, Lock 17 in Camden and Keep Up! started to stage parties and invite artists they respected to guest for them. These guests included: Dean Rudland, Leisure Recordings, Greg Belson, Jazzman Gerald Short, Doug Shipton, Nostalgia 77, Ben Smith, Elmore Judd, Nuff Rope Records and Matt Tarr from Above the clouds. The nights are continuing into Autumn as Lock Tones.

Not content with one night, I have brought Keep Up! to Brixton in South London for more dancefloor fun. My sets are currently a melting pot of soul, funk, hiphop, beats and breaks and whatever I can dig up to move the crowd.

My debut single The World Famous was released in Feb 2008. Akama, the follow-up produced with my good friend Ben Kaitain Leighton was released in Feb 2009. My third release Hillbrook Blues was released in December 2009.#

His impressive soundcloud page is here

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