Eight questions with Techdef

With the Sixth 64barchallenge being baked to perfection in time for it’s September send off, 64 bar thought it might be a good idea to ask the major players some questions, first up, it’s New York city’s Techniken Defunkus.

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Remix time from K.A.L

Kobra Audio Labs have  given the BURNINGBeeS track ‘Nature Boy’ the remix treatment.

He’s given a lovely light summertime track a darkening, and his stripped down sound can be heard below.

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grinding ambient from the 13th tribe

In a step away from his usual aftrobeat dancehall kinda style, 13th tribe maestro 13t has laid down eight minutes of metallic ambience.

He says: “I was goin for that kinda dirty industrial 8 bit machine driven sound. What i had in mind was a sound that i heard on one of those tin foil youtubes on radio signals from Saturn, u know the vibe.”

13t will be making his first 64 bar track of 64:5, here’s a taste of his usual flavour

So the ambient track was recorded on the fly, ‘with very few edits hence the rawness’ 13t revealed. Not that he should be sweating about the quality, it is what it is and that’s the good point. Mind you, I’ve only just been able to check this on a crappy Dell desktop with a mono speaker from the 1990’s.

But from some big name poeple who’ve heard his bizzle over big rigs, he’s getting alot of mad love. Check out some of the comments he’s got on his soundcloud page

“YEAH! Well funky!”-Gilles Peterson.

‘One of the best Club nites of the year – Brian Murnin Clash Magazine

‘Negro sums up our club night in just 205 perfect seconds! AND I love the track (Zaza B) BIG TIME… how do you keep pumping these out? you’re a machine!!.. thats pure Prefuse at times. Massive respect.Vocals are dope as too man!…Insanely prolific…” Huskiii FFTang @93 Feet East

‘Superb! Like a vocal booth full of Hospitalised Kool Kieths! Fans of Dr Octagon,The Pharcyde & Jurrassic 5 Will Love this’ – Steve (Sony Records,Peoplesound)

Have some more of him in the player down there…
The 13th Tribe feat Pili Monzon – La Routina by The 13th Tribe

So the reason we’re flagging this up today is that we’re glad to have 13t on board for 64:5. He says “Im really lookin forward to this 64 bc (and quite nervous!) as the standard has been very high and it seems to get higher every time.The quality in recent excursions has been superb and very inspiring,which is really what its all about.I love listening to stuff like this cos it makes me wanna go make a joyful noise too :) ‘

He’s asked me to link up the track below. It’s African Dancehall from mc Safa (Guinee/Madrid) Flows in French,Spanish+Fulani.
The 13th Tribe+AJK feat Safa-African Connection (Plastic Rat mix) by The 13th Tribe