Dave Graham gives us a peek

Here and Now – excerpt from New Album by DaveGraham

The Talented Dave Graham has dropped a little sample of his latest work. Let’s allow him to tell the story: “This is an excerpt from a new track – a very long track!,” he said. “I’ve put up seven or so minutes here, but the whole song is waaaay longer. This part is neither the beginning nor the end!

“The album it is from is dealing with a persons place in history. We are all descended from chains of living creatures stretching back millions of years. What does it mean to be part of that chain? Does it make us a vital link or a spare part? Who were the people and animals in our chain? What lurks in our deep memory? What did our ancient predecessors make of life? How did our chain survive? How come we are so closely linked yet feel so disconnected?
In some strange way we must, deep down, know where we can from…and what we are.

“There will be more previews coming up soon, and to get the low down you can sign up to my newsletter at http://www.musiclikeplanets.co.uk/


the crane puts out new ep through bandcamp


The Crane, aka Stephen Hedley, who has been on both 64:1 and 64:4 has put out a rather dapper ep via Bandcamp.

It’s a collection of ambient/glitchy tracks which he made in the  summer .

He explains:  “It’s the first time I’ve deliberately tried creating several pieces with a similar feel and sound palette.

“The idea was to do a lot of tracks without any ‘proper’ beats in, as they’re always the weakest point in my productions. I didn’t think there was any theme to it, but when I came to the point of gathering the tracks together I noticed that a lot of the track titles obliquely refer to a girl-related heartbreak scenario which took up a lot of my headspace while I was writing the music.”

The big poof.

He continues: “That accounts for the somewhat melancholy vibe and the (rotten) punning title. I hope people enjoy it, anyway. “

hot visuals from Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept’s super sexy track ‘Sequence of Loops’ has been given the video treatment. There it is, up there.. you see it?.. course you do.. now click it

more idms

Here is another piece from Miggins, the man responsible for Oi Mate. He describes this as: “techno IDMz innit”

Posthuman – The Grey by Posthuman

Miggins, the busiest man in showbiz  is also known as AGT Rave Cru, look him up yo.

And here’s a treat from Remdog. It’s a remix of Herma Puma from earlier in the year, but he’s just retweeted so let’s give him some more exposure.. It’s not my job to critique this tune.. having said that.. remi.. the vocals are super clean against such a grizzly backdrop.. get some fx on there matey.
Herma Puma / Beneath the sea (Remdog remix) by remdog

its like a party in my mouth

So, I’m following the haps of Killer Tomato, and on his blog there is a link to a all aged ranged disco-aloo session. If you’re chowing down at a Noodle Box restaurant some time soon, you might hear it.

It’s kinda like 60 minutes of super high energy hooks  you’ll have heard many times before but in a slightly different shaped box. Much like dem noodle boxes styled to look rather good actually… on second look.

Killer  said:  ” I was recently approached by a nationwide Noodle bar chain ‘Noodle Box’ and asked to create a series of limited edition promotional mixes to aid their recent marketing campaign. Each month an exclusive mix cd will be available online and from participating restaurants.”

Noodle box mix by DJ Killer Tomato

He says this is just one of a series.. who knows what direction he’ll take it next time.


DJ Reck, who’ll be making a tune for 64:5, has just made a new mix..

EmMix by DynomiteSoul

1. The Foreign Exchange : Happiness
2. Grand Puba : I Like It
3. Group Home : Up Against The Wall
4. Ghost : Dedication
5. Slum Village : Fall In Love
6. Mo & Grazz : Home
7. Nicholas Kopernicus : Commentariolus
8. Uphigh Collective : Blend
9. Weslee : Purple Peas
10. Aloe Blac : Green Lights
11. Ty : I’m Leaving
12. Incksalonius : Push
13. El Da Sensei : Keep It Live
14. Beasty Boys : Triple Trouble
15. Stevie Wonder : All I Do
16. Funky Bompa : Southern Sunset Edit
17. Billy Palmier : Free
18. Cerrone : Give Me Love
19. Chic : Everybody Dance
20. Dionne Warwick : You’re Gonna Need Me

Total running time: 74 minutes

oi mate

So rather than helping the homeless, instead of doing lollipop man duties, the British male often finds himself hanging out on his Argos sofa, flat Fanta in hand wasting time mocking this internet classic. Where a poor man, whose only crime is having the poor fore sight not to look where he sits, is cruelly ridiculed by a young rufferain.

kovas on radio cardiff